About Us

Who we are?

Raktdaan Sewa is an initiative by the Inbook Foundation, under the guidance of our experienced mentor, Adv. (Mr.) Pradeep Kumar Jain.

This humanitarian initiative is a step forward, towards realising our dream of an India, where no person losses the battle against death, due to lack of availability of blood in times of need. At Raktdaan Sewa, our vision is to organize voluntary blood donation camps across India, to encourage the voluntary blood donation movement. Raktdaan Sewa is a platform through which we aim to connect people who are willing to voluntarily donate blood with those who are in need of it. As a consequence, blood from healthy donors, fully tested against all infections will be available to people in life threatening situations, absolutely free of cost.

India tops the list of children with Thalassemia major in the world ranging between 1 to 1.5 lakhs. About 40% of road accident victims die every year, due to excessive blood loss.  Each year, over one lakh people are diagnosed with blood cancer in India. 
These figures must shock each one of us. But, what do we do to make the situation better? This thought struck chords with our Founders of this Blood Donation initiative- where we try to bridge the gap between those in need and potential blood donors.

We have managed to acquire highly sophisticated Blood Banking equipment, which will be operated by highly qualified and dedicated staff. The blood donation process will be free from any hidden charges, and is purely voluntary, in nature. Blood Donation is the most priceless gift we can give to someone. With this generous thought, we look forward to utilise this platform to the fullest and to connect blood donors with patients.

We, firmly believe in the saying – ‘रक्तदान – जिंदगी का महादान!’ and to propel this vision, the Raktdaan Sewa Society has taken its first step towards a journey of thousand miles. Your support and faith in us will help us make this initiative a huge success. Our platform will become the portal where people from all across India can come forward for a noble cause of Blood Donation, and together we will be able to save lives.

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